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Mitali Khare


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Mitali Khare (she/her)

Hi. I'm  Mitali and I'm a Creative Producer and a Fine Artist. My story is pretty straightforward, I'm just trying to bring genuine stories forward and give it everything I have to make it work in order to create a complete piece that brings about an actual change, sparks real conversations and showcases a different perspective.


I absolutely enjoy bringing stories to life. There's a vein of passion that rushes within when I get to collaborate with amazing storytellers. Witnessing the whole process right from development until it's ready to screen is blissful.  


There's peace amidst this chaotic process which lets me use all the skills and tools I have pushing me to explore and bring new ideas and solutions to the table.  It brings me excitement, joy, anxiety, stress all at the same time, and it's beautiful; wouldn't trade it for anything else. 

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