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I was a shy kid and used creativity as a form of expression. My mom got me into painting and drawing classes when I was 7 and I haven't stopped since. In the meantime I was also getting trained in Indian Classical Dance to incorporate discipline and principles in the way I approach life(this lasted for 8yrs). I went on to get after school training in fine arts to be able to stand in front of jurors in the hopes I could be one of the eight candidates to get an admission at MSU's Faculty of Fine Arts. I chose my Bachelors discipline as sculpting, I wanted to feel the materials, see things in three dimension, understand anatomy in depth. Throughout the years, the process got me intrigued and I realised that I enjoyed the process of documenting the story behind the creation rather than making the sculpture itself. The next step forward was a Masters in Filmmaking, I had to learn the art of storytelling. Films completely turned my life around. I finally had found something that I could apply each of my interests in. With opera music playing in background I could see all the rigorous dance training, love for business management, sketching and sculpting amalgamate together. Fast forward to seven years from then, I found my place as a creative producer.

Oh and, I'm based in Los Angeles :p

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